Quality checks

We collect empty cartridges for one purpose only: to refill them so they can be reused.

Inkjet cartridges are particularly fragile and may get damaged during use or afterwards, during the collection process. For instance, did you know that using up all the ink in the cartridge when printing may damage the electronic circuit to such an extent it can no longer be used?

Our main concern is to supply empty cartridges of perfect quality, ready for use in the refill process. Moreover, because we carry out such thorough quality checks, the value of these cartridges will increase considerably.

What exactly do our quality checks consist of?

Visual inspection:

As your empty cartridges are destined to fill the shop shelves once more, after having been refilled and neatly packaged, it is vital that they are intact. This means: no dents, cracks, scratches or chips.

Also, one of the major components of an inkjet cartridge is its electronic circuit. If this circuit is damaged, communication with the printer will be impossible. Major damage to the circuit can be identified with the naked eye or with a magnifying glass.

Electronic checks:

Not every cartridge has an electronic circuit but a considerable number of HP, Lexmark, Dell and Canon cartridges do. The electronic circuit enables the cartridge and printer to communicate with each other. So, it is absolutely essential that it works properly.

To check that this is the case, we use special testing equipment which simulates this cartridge-printer communication.

Often, the collection process itself causes considerable damage to the inkjet cartridges. To avoid this from happening, please follow these tips:

  • 1. Never throw inkjet cartridges in the collection box or drop them into the box. Instead, place the cartridges in the box carefully.
  • 2. Do not empty one box out into another. This avalanche of inkjet cartridges causes more damage than you would think.
  • 3. If your customer brings in a packaged cartridge, do not remove the packaging.
  • 4. Make sure cartridges do not get wet and avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures.